The Innovative Comfyback Soft Wing

The Comfyback Soft Wing is ideal to use everyday at home, at work or when travelling.

The Comfyback Soft Wing can be used in a vertical position to relieve Thoracic pain and also in a horizontal position to provide Lumbar support.

Comfyback Soft

Utilise the SOFT Wing if you have a flat back shape, or a small frame size. Can be utilised when in severe back, thoracic, or neck pain. This encourages a normal back shape and reduces symptoms.

The Convenient Comfyback Air

The Comfyback Air is the ideal travelling companion as it is portable and able to deflate for fitting into in a briefcase or small handbag.

If lumbar or thoracic support is required in a plane, train or bus, this is a must.

It is important NOT to overinflate, as this will provide too much resistance.  The Air can easily be adjusted to provide the support you need.

Spinal Recovery

Getting you back on your feet after surgery.

Regardless of your specific condition post-surgery, it is important that you continue to support your spine through every step of the recovery process. To give you a better idea of how the Comfyback range can support you throughout this stage, the major types of spinal surgery have been listed below in addition to the specifics on how the Comfyback range is ideal for any recovery.

Anterior Spinal Surgery

Types of anterior spinal surgery include the Total Disc Replacement (TDR), and the Anterior Lumbar Intervertebral Fusion (ALIF). Both procedures help to restore normal posture.

In the case of the above surgeries, patients often lose a large amount of disc height, and this, in turn, creates a very flat back. When the surgery is complete, the original height of that part of the spine is restored, which resets the normal curve to that area – thus improving the patients’ sagittal balance when weight bearing.

Posterior Spinal Surgery

Types of posterior spinal surgery include the Posterior Lumbar Intervertebral Fusion (PLIF), and the Laminectomy/Discectomy and Scoliosis. Physiotherapy treatments for these surgeries postop are similar to those of anterior surgery, however these patients have the addition of painful scars. Their backs need support, but they find it a little uncomfortable using a support system straight awaynonetheless that support is needed!

Injury and rehabilitation

Retuning to everyday living after injury.

Returning to everyday living after an injury or surgical procedure can be a little tough and it’s important to ensure correct posture is maintained during this period. Being centred around versatility, the Comfyback is a fantastic product to use throughout your rehabilitation program – for instance, under the back when using Clinical Pilates equipment (lying down) or behind the back when at the gym (for example, when using the leg press). Although it is commonly believed that extensive rest is required when recovering from a neck or back injury, this is generally false and can even delay recovery in certain cases. According to most studies, people often recover more quickly from these kinds of injuries when they continue gentle movement and loading. This is where Comfyback becomes your best friend. As it is recommended that you stay as active as possible during rehabilitation (within safe parameters), the Comfyback range can help facilitate this movement in a protected and comfortable manner – getting you back on track and fit again!

Pain Relief

Easing Aches & Pains.

If our spines were always positioned in the correct upright position (with all curves maintained), we would never know the discomfort of postural pain. With the assistance of the Comfyback range, this dream is becoming a reality for many of our happy patients and customers. By utilising the benefits of a Comfyback support product, you can prevent the spinal discomfort and pain that is generally triggered by sustained poor posture – particularly that experienced through remaining in a seated position for extended periods.

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Your questions answered

What is the difference between the Comfyback Deluxe, the Wing, and the AIR?

1. The Wing – Soft is a back support, used to support one curve at a time. The Wing features:

a) Shape based on the human form, tapered at the sides for comfort

b) A gentle cross section that will not create pressure points across the users back

3. The AIR inflatable back support is: 

a) A necessity for traveling

b) light and collapsible to fit in a travel-bag or handbag

c) Great support and comfort during those long hours in the airport lounge

d) Can be used horizontally in the lumbar area or vertically for Thoracic or neck support

Am I choosing the right product?

Whatever your needs, the Comfyback range has a solution that is just right for you and your back. So which one should you choose? The Comfyback Wing, focuses on one curve at a time (by using either vertically or horizontally) whilst the AIR is more portable and best for travel.

If you are not sure which product best suits your complaint, you can go through our Chat Line, or better still, use our Live Chat where you can talk to a real person in the Comfyback business (not a remote telemarketing person)!

Do I need a referral from my Physiotherapist to purchase?

No, you don’t need a referral to make a purchase from the Comfyback range. As all Comfyback products are super simple and safe to use, anyone can browse, purchase and reap the benefits of the Comfyback support range. You might, however, find that your physiotherapist suggests a particular product for your circumstance in which case it is always best to follow specific, professional advice.

How often should I use my Comfyback?

Comfyback products are designed to be used ALL the time when sitting. If you want your back problems to subside permanently, the best remedy is to find the Comfyback support that works best for you – and use it all the time! There is no risk of damage from over-using the product like some others on the market; the only thing you’ll find is healthier posture and a better-feeling back!

Where can I purchase? Do you have stockists?

Some physiotherapists and healthcare professionals do stock the Comfyback range however you can always order direct from our website via the shop page.

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