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As Physiotherapists, we can only monitor a patient for as long as they want to be monitored. When treatment is finished for that immediate complaint and they feel great, they are once again bulletproof… until the next time they lift or push the wrong way. For this reason, it’s so important to teach patients how to self-manage their problems through injury prevention and maintenance of great posture. This is where Comfyback comes in.

How does the range aid recovery?

Comfyback Deluxe

The Comfyback Deluxe was designed to provide lumbar and thoracic support that aids correct neck and back posture. Since its development, Comfyback is now used by physiotherapists, chiropractors and other healthcare professionals to help patients avoid surgery or assist with recovery where surgery is already required (and with great results)! Commonly, those who have lower back issues are predisposed to neck issues and vice versa – this is why the Comfyback Deluxe is such an awesome product!

The Comfyback Deluxe offers:

  • Hugging lateral support so the patient learns to sit straight.
  • An adjustable lumbar region to support the lumbar lordosis.
  • An adjustable thoracic region to assist with keeping the shoulders back. This, in turn, makes retraction of the neck easier and helps reduce neck pain.
Hint: the Deluxe can also be used in the Supine Position; after a lengthy day of leaning forward, this pattern may be used to relieve back pain, neck aches and headaches.
Comfyback Wing

The Comfyback Wing is used to support one curve at a time. As our secondary support product that has been designed to be slightly more accessible than the Deluxe, the Wing offers 2 sizes depending on the size of the patient and their spine shape. The Wing can be used to support the lordosis (used horizontally) or the thoracic area (used vertically) – correcting patterns to facilitate reduced thoracic and shoulder pain.

The Comfyback Wing offers:

  • 2 densities (soft or firm support).
  • Alleviation of lower back pain.
  • Vertical and horizontal fitting positions.
  • Strapping options include both horizontal and vertical position depending on the chair or car seat.
Comfyback Air

The Comfyback Air inflatable back support is simply the most convenient way to provide your back with support when travelling – in airport lounges, on long flights, in rental cars and much more. This product is not specific in its resistance as it is inflatable, requiring only a small amount of air to function correctly.  Consequently, if you need something that is of a constant and firm resistance, you will need to look to the Comfyback Deluxe or Wing.

The Comfyback Air offers:

  • A lightweight back support ideal for travelling
  • Deflation ability to fit in a travel bag or handbag
  • Great support and comfort during those long hours in the airport lounge
  • Can be used horizontally in the lumbar area or vertically for Thoracic or neck support

Comfyback vs other online products

There are thousands of products available online however the Comfyback range is the only one designed by a McKenzie physiotherapist and perfected with the very best of materials.To ensure the highest quality, meticulous care has been taken with the Comfyback product design as well as with densities, fabrics, adjustability, support and safety.

In-practice patient benefits

It is always important to assess a patient first. The following information should be collected before a clear picture of how the patient should be treated can be formed:

  • Mechanical stresses at home and the workplace
  • Present disability
  • Patterns that create pain ie sitting to standing
  • History of injury (how, when, where, frequency)
  • Note posture in all patterns
  • Any neurological signs
  • Movement loss
  • Directional preference for recovery

From this, principles of treatment can be devised. These may include:

  • Postural correction
  • Directional preference – specific exercises can be advised, given as a home program and progressed as necessary.
  • Dynamic Postural Stability work can be added to prevent issues in the future – clinical Pilates or bands can facilitate this.
Comfyback patient results

In many cases, simply correcting a patient’s sitting position can eliminate pain – particularly postural pain. In this regard, having a Comfyback Deluxe on hand can greatly assist in reforming postural habits as well as helping the patient to identify which positions are healthy and pain free compared to their usual slouch.

Getting a patient to use the support immediately shows them how important good posture is, and just how easy it is to find a good sitting position when using a back support that mimics these patterns.

One of our greatest success stories comes from a lady who received a very significant Anterior and Posterior surgery to address scoliosis. Her absolute determination to recover normal posture, and the quality of support offered through the Comfyback Deluxe combined to make her recovery truly remarkable. She now keeps a number of Comfyback Deluxe around the house and in her car to ensure she always maintains good posture.

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