The Comfyback Story

Pain reducing back support options!

Comfyback reduces pain because it holds your back in its correct position.


So how did Comfyback come to be? The need for the Comfyback range was identified in 2001 by Philippa Gilbert, Associate Professor of Physiotherapy at Bond University, as part of what is now the Bliss Spinal Recovery system.

As someone who struggled for many years with her own neck and back issues, Philippa realised how common these problems were among her clientele and that the market was lacking a product that truly helped patients manage their pain.

At the time, she was developing a world class, safe physiotherapy program to help spinal surgery patients regain normal posture and restore normal lifestyle post operation.  Her needs therefore were very unique – a back support system that could master the task of posture recovery for spinal surgery patients and others with significant back problems.

A Design that works

The Challenge…

A One Size Fits All design, able to satisfy many back complaints through adjustable lumbar AND thoracic regions, together with strong lateral support.

The Opportunity…

The 80+ percentile Australian male and female are similar in the measurement from the small of the back to the area between the shoulder blades, so a shape that fitted most backs was viable.

The Unique Densities…

To address various body problems, the design needed differing densities of adjustment which, when added to the main vented front body, resulted in 5 parts, each with their own density and part to play.

Additional benefits…

of the Comfyback Deluxe features include:

  • Strong cloth back with adjustable strap buckles for vertical and horizontal hold,
  • Specific 45 degree tapered sides to suit almost any car seat,
  • Special breathable front fabric to improve comfort on long distances, and
  • The ability to take this wherever you go, to always keep your back in the best postural position possible.

A support system for all.

For this reason, the Comfyback range was specifically designed to provide a combination of lumbar, thoracic and neck support – which was then put through rigorous clinical testing to ensure comfort and correct postural alignment. As such, the range is now used by many Physiotherapists as support products for patients to use at home – either for comfort, neck and back pain or to facilitate improved posture.

Comfyback understands and facilitates the benefits of healthy posture. Take the time to browse the site to learn a few tips and tricks about improving your posture.

Product features and benefits.

  • Strong Lateral support: Stabilises the lower body when sitting, especially in car seats.
  • Good Lumbar support: Adjustable resistance from very soft through to firm density.
  • Thoracic support: Teaches the user to keep their shoulders back.
  • Ribbed front body: Ventilates, minimising sweating when used for long periods.
  • High Quality Cover: Provides comfort without irritation.
  • Fitting Options: For lounge chairs, work chairs, car seats, soft lounges
  • Safe to Use: Safe in a car – not liable to injure user in a motor vehicle accident
  • Lightweight: Easy to carry from place to place.
  • Good for Supine lying: An excellent tool to lay over to relieve neck ache and headaches

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